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Winz cloth nappy assistance

Looking for winz cloth nappy assistance?  Nappyneedz is a registered supplier with Work and Income New Zealand and we can provide a quote for your cloth nappies to take along to Winz.  You may be able to get Winz cloth nappy help with either a Recoverable assistance payment grant or a special needs grant, and get money towards your cloth nappy purchases.

Cloth nappies are a great way to save money, but the initial set up costs can be quite a bit to spend in one go.  Speak to your case manager about getting Winz cloth nappy help, and take a look at the Winz website for more information.

Nappyneedz can provide quotes but the final decision lies with Winz, and we have no influence over this.

Should you not be eligible for Winz cloth nappy help, then please get in touch as we can offer layby to help spread the cost of your purchases and have some lower cost options that you may want to consider.

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  1. Hi there, i was wondering if i coUld please get a quote for nappies that i can take along to my winz appointmeNt? I need some for my newborn due in July and also for my small Nearly 2 year old. Thank you

  2. Hi there. I am hoping for a winz quote to get started for my newborn and 8montb old girls please. ThAnk you Sarah.

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