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Why white cloth nappies are a great choice

White cloth nappies on the washing line

White cloth nappies might seem like a bit of a boring choice. There are so many pretty prints and bright colours available on the market. Who would want just white? There are some really great reasons for choosing just white, read on to learn more.

Reasons to choose white

  • Consistency, while it might be great to have one of every nappy on the market, choosing a set of white nappies, means every one is the same. This is particular great when someone else, such as day care or grandparents, look after your baby.
  • White goes with everything. There’s no need to worry about co-ordinating your babies outfit. Anything will look great.
  • Keep it simple. White is a great basic choice.
  • They won’t show up through clothes. Bright nappies can stand out against babies clothing such as tights of close fitting pants.
  • The look great hanging on the washing line. There’s just something lovely about a line of white washing.
  • It’s a traditional baby colour. Little children tend to get dirty fast, but babies always look great in classic white.
Choosing your white cloth nappies. an ecobots starter set.

Choosing your white nappies

Deciding to go for white cloth nappies, doesn’t mean that you are restricting yourself. There are still lots of options. Our Ecobots prefold nappies all come in white and have white covers. Our OSFM prefold nappies also have a white option. You can choose either a velcro or snap cover for these. These are a good basic nappy choice and are a great price. Start with a trial pack or dive in with our larger pack. If a pocket nappy is more your thing, then we also have dinky nappies available in white. Choose from PUL or our minky version. Although keeping things consistent is one of the great reasons for choosing white, there’s no reason why you can’t have a range of nappies all in white.

A new nappy stash

Would you consider an all white nappy stash? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Facebook page.

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