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More info

More info

References, facts and figures if you want some more info.

Want to know more?

1. Check out WEN for lots of studies, links and information

Original Cited Studies:

2.Landbank Consultancy.  1991. A review of Proctor & Gamble’s Environmental Balances for disposable and reusable nappies.  Report to Women’s Environmental Network.

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5. Best foot forward environmental footprinting report 1998. Do you know the environmental impact of your baby’s nappies?  commissioned by go for green (UK)

6. Out of sight, out of mind All about ‘disposable’ nappies

7. The ecologist magazine looks at reusable nappies

Nappy rash

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10. Impacts and footprints

11. The negative chemical implications for your baby have never been proven without doubt – but given that there is no regulation for an ingredients list – it makes you wonder. If you ever get brave enough to read The Chemical Maze Shopping Companion to see what is allowed to go in FOOD – you wonder what it would take to confirm beyond doubt that disposable nappies are safe.

12.  A study was done that showed no difference between disposable and cloth nappies.  The major contributor to the environmental impact of the cloth nappies was the use of energy to wash them. WEN in the UK looked at the energy use figures and discovered that the use of electricity to wash (and tumble dry) the nappies was not a good reflection of what actually happens.  Their figures showed a 24% reduction compared with the original study.  An editorial in the guardian newspaper also had some issues with way the study was completed.

13. A study looking at changing the behaviour of parents in choosing cloth nappies, done at Surrey Hospital

14. C-J Partsch, M. Aukamp and W.G. Sippell: Scrotal temperature is increased in disposable plastic lined nappies. Archives of Disease in Childhood 2000; 83 (October): p364-368.

If you want more info on any specific area, then please feel free to contact us.

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