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Cost comparison

Are cloth nappies cheaper than disposables?

Yes. Even if you take into consideration the cost of running your washing machine, cloth nappies are much cheaper in the long run. You do have to spend a bit more up front, but once you have the nappies, you keep saving.

Cost Comparison

It is generally considered that your baby will be in nappies for 30 months or 2.5 years.

Cost comparison for cloth nappies

We have compared the number of changes of nappy that you need, with the different ages and costs of those nappies.  This cost comparison looks at a range of available disposable brands and reflects the decrease in the number of changes per day with age, as well as the increase in price with larger sizes.  It compares which with the most expensive washing/drying options for a maximum number of cloth nappies.

Age and number of changes 
per day
Number of nappies
per age
Average cost of disposable nappies(and wipes)Ecobots
0 – 3 months10 changes per day900$551.70All nappies and covers at current prices $522.10
3-12 mnths8 changes per day2160$1626.48Wipes kit $40
12-24 mnths6 changes per day2160$1907.2840 packs liners
24-30 mnths5 changes per day900$794.70Laundry costs
Total numbers6120$4880.16$1351.66
Average cost per nappy 80c22c
  • Costs are averages and include 1 wipe per change.
  • Laundry costs are for hot washes and include the wear and tear on the washing machine as well as supermarket detergent

How do ecobots compare to other reusables?

Type of nappyFull birth to potty pack
Ecobots nappies$522
Pocket nappies$825
Fitted nappies$1,195
One size (and covers)$769
  • Nappies are full birth to potty kits as recommended
  • Comparisons with normal retail pack prices of good quality nappies on the market in NZ

More info?

2 thoughts on “Cost comparison”

    1. I’ve just had a quick check on Countdown and couldn’t find any as cheap as 20 cents. The average price was probably 50-60 cents, although more for the larger sizes. Although it is possible to get cheaper nappies and these calculations were done around 14 years ago when they were a little more expensive, you still save quite a bit. It’s worth considering that we also do cloth nappies that work out much cheaper than these calculations now and with disposables, you still need to add on the cost of disposing of them.

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