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About ecobots

Ecobots Are:

Easy to use, easy to wash

No folding, no pins, no complicated pads or inserts, no flaps or wrap round bits.

The nappy separates easily from the cover without the need for fishing around, unsnapping or untangling. The nappy can be washed any way you like and the covers can go in the machine (or just handwash with a bit of liquid hand soap). Covers dry fast and the nappies look fabulous on the line! You too can be an earth mother goddess.


With ecobots prefolds, you only need to change the inside nappy and not the cover (unless it is soiled).  That means you can buy between 4-6 covers per size rather than 18-24 like you would with fitted nappies.

This means that ecobots prefold nappies not only save you 80% of the cost of disposables, but they are the most cost-effective modern cloth nappy system on the market.


Ecobots covers have a double leg guard and elastic around the back.  Let’s be real, anyone who’s had a baby (especially a breastfed one) will tell you that sometimes they just explode! I’m sorry to scare you, but it’s better to be prepared. There are some things that no nappy will ever be able to contain, and anyone who says otherwise is delusional. Nevertheless, ecobots will contain more than the vast majority of nappies out there – cloth or otherwise. See what other parents have said.

Slim-fitting ecobots

Fitted nappies tend to have the absorbent layer right around the waist and this makes them bulky.  Ecobots prefolds sit in the middle of the cover – not round the sides.  This means that standard-sized clothes will fit over ecobots reusable nappies as there is no bulkiness around the sides.


White nappies will suit both boys and girls.  You expect that you can re-use your modern cloth nappies with more than one child – with ecobots there is no problem wondering whether you should use your pastel pink nappies on the newborn baby brother!

White nappies are unobtrusive!  You buy (and get given!!) gorgeous wee clothes for your baby and you don’t want to outshine your pretty fabrics with a vibrant print showing through.  Like a VPL for your baby!

Find out more

Find out more about Ecobots and what makes them such great nappies here.

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