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Being green

Being Green

Being green doesn’t have to be hard! Just making a few small changes to your lifestyle of even just thinking about things slightly differently can make the world of difference

Nappies and being green

Have you thought about the “whole of life” nappy cycle?

“Whole of life cycle” means thinking about what happens to the end product – not just concentrating on producing/using a green product, but making sure you dispose of it in a green way too, or even better reuse or pass onto someone else to use once you have finished with it.

By using ecobots cloth nappies, you can be confident that you are:

  • Your covers will be less than 1kg of waste, compared with 1 TONNE of single use nappies when you finally do not need them any more.  (Of course, this is only when you no longer need them and they are no longer any use.  If they are still in working condition, consider selling them on, or donating to a charity that uses cloth nappies).


  • Save to reuse on any future children you may have
  • Pass them on to your family and friends
  • Sell them on
  • Use the prefolds as house/car cleaning cloths (cotton nappies cannot be beaten for wiping up spills and polishing)
  • Donate to a charity such as a nappy bank, or overseas orphanage that uses cloth nappies


  • Prefolds can be shredded and composted
  • If you’re handy with a sewing machine, old covers and nappies can be sewn into play nappies for dolls.


  • Use an oxygen bleach instead of chlorine and use the bleaching power of the sun to keep your nappies looking great.
  • Line dry when possible rather than using a tumble dryer.
  • Do full loads to get the best use out of your power consumption

Want to know more about how using cloth can help the environment? Check out the Environmental cost of using disposable nappies. Being Green is easy when you use cloth nappies.

The Environmental cost of Disposable Nappies.

Facts and figures for cloth

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