Why use cloth nappies?

Why would you choose cloth nappies?

Why use cloth nappies?

Why use cloth nappies

We see a lot of advertising for disposables, while cloth nappies are the quiet grass roots revolution.  Make no mistake, single use nappies have their place, but there are healthier, more economic alternatives, for day-to-day use.

As parents we need to make hard choices every day about things that impact on our children, and trust our judgement that we are doing the best for them that we can.  It is difficult to make an informed choice about the safety of disposable nappies when information is hard to find, and often hard to verify. Disposables are manufactured by large corporations who go to great lengths to protect their own secret recipes. You won’t find a list of ingredients on their packaging. Every baby will need an average of 6000 nappy changes.  That is a huge pile of landfill if all of those are single-use nappies!

Make a difference by starting to use cloth… even just 1 reusable nappy per day will save over 300kg of landfill over your baby’s time in nappies. There are heaps of reasons that you should choose to use cloth nappies over disposables: the financial burden of disposable nappies, your baby’s exposure to chemicals that you can’t know about, less nappy rash, more space in your rubbish bin (in a family with just 1 baby in disposables, about 60% of their rubbish will be nappies), the massive amount of landfill that single use nappies create, environment, costs of production (cloth nappies vs disposable), a clean conscience.

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