Why do my cloth nappies rustle?

Why do my cloth nappies rustle? Usually, cloth nappies shouldn’t make any sounds, but sometimes you might find that some of them begin to make a rustling noise like a plastic carrier bag being scrunched up. But what causes this odd sound? Is it something to worry about? How can you avoid it?

Rustling cloth nappies

With any luck, rustling cloth nappies is something that you won’t have to worry about. If your nappies are well looked after, washed correctly and have no faults in the fabric, then it shouldn’t be a problem. From time to time, you might come across the odd nappy that it happens to. Usually, this will be the waterproof layer of the nappy that is effected. The PUL laminate starts to come away from the polyester fabric and it is this that is making the noise. This isn’t something that happens often. Occasionally if the nappies have been subjected to harsh laundry practices, or if there is a fault in the PUL when it is manufactured, then it might happen. The photo below will show you what it looks like.

Why do my cloth nappies rustle?

As you can see the two layers of the fabric have separated. It is this loose laminate layer that causes the rustling sound. If you’re not sure if your nappies have this problem, then it can be worth turning them inside out from time to time so that you can check the fabric.

Dealing with the problem

Now you’ve discovered why your cloth nappies rustle. You might be wondering if it’s a problem and what you can do about it. Although it’s annoying when the laminate separates from the fabric like this, it doesn’t automatically mean that the nappy is ruined. As long as the laminate layer doesn’t have any holes in it, then it will continue to be waterproof and work as a cloth nappy. If the nappy is a pocket nappy, then you need to be really careful when stuffing the insert into the nappy. If the laminate rips or has a hole in it, then it’s unlikely to work as a nappy as the waterproof layer won’t work any more. You can then use it as a swim nappy if you like.

Why do my cloth nappies rustle

Long-life nappies

Cloth nappies should last for years. In most cases, I would expect them to last for at least two children. I have nappies that were still going strong after four children. If you make sure that you follow washing instructions and buy good quality nappies, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t last well.

If you have any questions about cloth nappies, then please get in touch or comment on the post below. I can help you answer any questions and possibly even make them into a blog post.

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