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Why choose Minky nappies?

why choose minky nappies? Six minky nappies in various colours

Minky nappies can be a great choice for your baby. But what is it that makes them different to other types of cloth nappies? Why should you consider them?

Great reasons for using Minky Nappies

  • The fabric is lovely and soft, they feel great against your babies skin.
  • Being a polyester fabric, they are easy to look after and care for.
  • Our range includes some great bright colours that look great.
  • Nappies made from minky fabric don’t tend to have problem with moisture wicking from the inside of the nappies.
  • They give nice soft padding for your babies bottom when they are learning to walk.
  • On hot days, they look great with just a singlet. No need for more clothes.
  • When it comes to the cute factor, you just can’t go wrong.

How are they different to other cloth nappies?

Does this mean that cloth nappies with a minky outer are different from other types of cloth nappy? In many ways, no. All of our nappies have a waterproof outer and that is certainly the case here. The fabric has a polyurethane coating on the inside. This layer keeps moisture in and stops leaks. In that way, they are exactly the same as our PUL nappies. It’s just that you can have a nice, soft, fluffy out that feels and looks great. Our fantastic dinky pocket nappies come in a choice of six different colours in this lovely fabric. Choose from the fun bright colours: Green, blue, white, red, orange and yellow.

why choose minky nappies? Six minky nappies in various colours

You can get our dinky minky nappies in our various dinky nappy packs. Find them here. Or if you’d like to give one a go, then we also sell them individually. You can find them here.

What’s your favourite fabric for cloth nappies? Let us know in the comments or on our facebook page.

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