Why are Ecobots so Cheap?

Why are Ecobots so cheap? Compared to lots of other prefolds on the market, they seem to cost much less. Does that mean that they are not as good quality?

Why are ecobots so cheap?

Value for money

The first time I came across someone asking why our cotton prefolds were so cheap, I was quite surprised. It hadn’t really occurred to me that someone might think that they were cheaper because they weren’t as good. In actual fact, our cloth nappies are virtually identical to many other similar products. We use the same factories in Pakistan that a lot of other brands also use. Our prefolds and flat nappies are made from 100% cotton and are just as thick and absorbent as other brands. In fact, they are better than some that are available. Ecobots have been around for around fifteen years now and there are prefold nappies from us that have been around since the beginning. The great thing about cotton is that it is so hard-wearing that it lasts for ages.

But why are ecobots so cheap then?

There are a number of differences between Nappyneedz and some of the other cloth nappy companies out there. Firstly, we are fairly small scale. We don’t have a huge warehouse, mountains in stock or even lots of staff. We’ve also decided to try and make sure that we offer real value for money. Lots of our products may seem to be a little cheaper than some other brands. That’s mostly down to wanting to make sure that we have a range that is great value and affordable for all. We only have an online shop which is run from home. It really helps us to keep our costs down and pass that on to you, our customers.

Quality and affordability

All too often we tend to think that if something is cheap, then it must be rubbish. I challenge you to try our prefold nappies and compare them to any others on the market. We even have bamboo and organic cotton prefolds if you want something a bit different. Give Ecobots nappies a try with our trial pack and find out for yourself what great value for money and quality they are.

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  1. I agree! These prefolds are great. We use them in almost all our pocket nappies with both our 6 month old and 3 year old.

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