When should I start using cloth nappies?

When should I start using cloth nappies? Parents often want to know when is best. There is no right or wrong answer to this one, it really depends upon your situation and what you feel comfortable with. I recently asked some parents on our Facebook page for their experiences. This is the second post in a series. You can find the first here.

when should I start using cloth nappies?

So when should I start using cloth nappies?

  • 4 weeks old ?? we want to start earlier but we were trying to figure out the first few weeks of life with a baby, so we had disposables as back up. When things became more natural we swap for cloths and elimination communication. Ma.
  • Newborn: 30 days old, but 36 weeks 4 days corrected gestation. Couldn’t use them from birth because she was in the hospital till then. Cloth as soon as we got home, still full-time cloth at 22 months. Disposables were never desirable. Elise
  • From newborn, I went to one of Kate Meads workshops when I was pregnant and she made it seem pretty simple so I figured I might as well start from newborn! Ashley
  • Between 1 and 2 years old with my first baby? I was a single young mum and cloth felt too overwhelming. Baby no.2 when she was 5 ish weeks and did full-time cloth during the day for her. She wasn’t a huge pooper. Baby no.3 more like 5 ish months. Jessica
  • We started at a few months old with just one a day and gradually increased as we got used to them. Now 16 months and full time in cloth. I also have 2-week old twins in NICU and plan on using cloth nappies with them as soon as they’re home and can fit them. I think it’s definitely easier as they get older. Renee.
  • From birth with my first cos, we were given the teeny size by my friend. I didn’t start till six weeks with my son cos I wanted to strip and sanitise our stash and I didn’t get round to it till then. Stacey.
  • We started at around 2.5 months and instantly loved them. We wanted to get everything else going smoothly with a newborn first before diving into the cloth nappies. Sarah-Rose
  • 8 weeks after my baby chunked up a bit and I felt I had a handle on being a mum. Erin.

Choosing cloth

Every parent and every baby is different when it comes to using cloth nappies. Hopefully reading about other people’s experiences will have helped with your decision. We will be sharing more experiences in future blog posts. If you want to try cloth, then check out our trial packs.

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