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What’s the best time to start cloth nappies.


What’s the best time to start cloth nappies? Following on from our previous posts, here’s the final post with our customers’ thoughts on what’s the best time to start cloth nappies.

What's the best time to start cloth nappies?

So what’s the best time to start cloth nappies?

  • Newborn in August 1988, I’m not sure we had other types back then. Used them for all of my 4 babies till they went into underwear. Katrina.
  • From birth for number 1. Had disposables in the hospital for number 2 for 2 days and number 3 had a couple of disposables for first nappies but then cloth. Janelle.
  • It varied from 6days to around 3 months, plus 3rd child was prem and I considered buying prem cloth nappies but the midwife thought she would be newborn sized within a few weeks but she was still pretty tiny at 8weeks so I regretted not buying the prem naps. Gina.
  • Newborn with 3 out of 5 of the kids mainly cos environment and also it worked out cheaper for us in the long run. Tania
  • From birth, we have managed to be 100% cloth except for the 1 week our washing machine was out of order. Karen
  • Quite late! Just after a year old, I started to dabble and we went full time at about 14mo. Never too late and they hold their value which is awesome. Stacey.
  • From birth. The factors were environmental, cost, convenience and just a more natural choice – who really knows what’s in those disposables. Convenience for me is not having to go and buy nappies or dispose of them. I find washing at home is much easier, you can never run out of nappies if you keep a routine. Dee.
  • I bought a birth to nappy pack and extra covers while pregnant. And starting at 3 months (wanted to give myself time to get used to being a mum) then straight from birth with my second and aiming to use zero disposables at all with my third. Amberino.

Your first cloth nappy

It doesn’t really matter if you start using cloth from the very start, or make the change later. Really all that matters is finding what works for you and your family. There are lots of great reasons to give cloth nappies a go. If you want to start, check out our starter packs here.

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