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What to do with old cloth nappies

Old cloth nappies

Old cloth nappies can still have a life, even when your little one doesn’t need them anymore. Check out our top tips for reusing and recycling old cloth nappies.

What can I do with old cloth nappies?

If the nappies are still in good condition, then you can pass them on to other families. There are lots of options for nappies that are no longer good. You can compost natural fibres or even reuse them as cleaning cloths. We have other suggestions too.

Uses for old cloth nappies

  • Sell them; there is a good market for second hand nappies.
  • Donate to a charity; within New Zealand your local pregnancy help with often take them to give families in need.
  • Compost natural fibres; comercial compost can do this. If you have a very good compost heap, then it can be possible at home. Particularly if they are chopped up small.
  • They can make great cleaning cloths. There is even a market for washed cotton nappies among window cleaners.
  • Use them as rags around the house.
  • Use old nappies for your child’s doll.
  • Old outers that are no longer waterproof can work as swim nappies. (Although we do sell special swim nappies too.)
  • Old wet bags are great as swim bags or for wet day care clothes.

Second hand nappy options

I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions as to what you do with your old nappies. let me know in the comments below.

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