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What are pocket nappies?

The first time I came across pocket nappies, when researching cloth nappies on the internet nearly eight years ago, I remember thinking what are pocket nappies?  I assumed they must be some kind of lighter cloth nappy that you used when out and about.  I thought that they were pocket nappies, because they fit easily into your pocket.  As it turns out, that isn’t the case at all….

With pocket nappies, the pocket that is referred to is a pocket in the nappy itself, which is used to add the absorbent material.  The pocket nappy itself is made of a waterproof outer material, such as PUL (polyurethane laminate) which is a fabric coated to make it waterproof, and a stay dry inner, which is usually made from a polyester fabric.  The pocket opens up a space between these two layers, so that the absorbent fabric can be added.

Pocket nappy and insert


Pocket nappies have some great advantages over other types of cloth nappies;

  •  Once the nappies have been stuffed with the inserts, you just fasten them onto your baby as you would a disposable.  No need for a separate cover, no pins, simple and straight forward.
  • You can choose different types of insert depending on your needs, as your baby grows you might find that you prefer different fabrics than those you first started with in your pocket nappies.
  • If needed you can increase the absorbency of your pocket nappies, by adding more inserts or boosters, meaning that if your baby starts weeing more, or you want to use them over night they are ideal.
  • Once stuffed they are quick and easy to change your baby with.  Most cloth nappies use either snaps (domes) to close them, or velcro (hook and loop) which makes them easy to fasten onto your baby.

cloth nappy trifold insert


Now that you have had the question what are pocket nappies answered, have a look at our website to buy this type of nappy now.

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