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Wet bags for daycare

wet bags for daycare

Wet bags for daycare are something we get asked about a lot. Finding an alternative to single-use products is always a good idea. Using a washable, reusable wet bag is a great way to cut down on the amount of plastic carrier bags you use.

Cutting down on plastic bags

There has been a lot in the news lately about reducing the amount of plastic bags that we use. It’s not just shops that use these carrier bags though. Many daycare centres, playcentres and kindys use them too. If you have had a toddler or young child at an early childhood centre, then you’ll know that wet and dirty clothes are an almost daily occurrence. Many daycares will put these dirty clothes into single-use plastic bags. This is not ideal though and for a lot of centres, finding a reusable alternative is really important.

wet bags for daycare

Reusable alternative

Wet bags are ideal for putting dirty nappies in when out and about. The fact that they are waterproof, reusable and come in a range of great colours and prints also make them ideal for using to send home dirty clothes. The wet bags have a zip to hold everything. They are waterproof, this means that they aren’t going to transfer any dampness or mess on to the rest of the child’s backpack. Wet bags are easy to clean and take care of. They can be used time and time again.

Alternative to plastic bags

Wet bags for daycare

We offer a few deals for wet bags for daycare. If your centre is looking for a reusable alternative, then please get in touch. We can offer a discount for early childhood centres. Some centres use them as a fundraiser, selling them at full price to their parents. For other daycare centres, they simply buy a bulk lot for the use of the children who attend the centre.

We have more styles and prints available soon and can get other prints or colours on request. These are our current range.

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    We are a charity run Nursery Jellybabies Nursery & Pre-School charity No. 1040732 now in our 26th year. We are concerned that we get through a lot of carrier bags when sending children’s wet clothes home and are really interested in the wet bags for our Nursery. We believe in recycling and teach the children about care for the environment. I would really appreciate if you could let me have a price for the wet bags
    kind regards

  2. Hello,

    Interested in running a fundraiser for kindergarten please. Can you please send me more information? Thankyou

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