Welcome to the Great NZ Cloth Nappy Hunt

Welcome to the Great NZ cloth nappy hunt, June 2017. This year we are taking part as an extreme sponsor, which means that the hunt will be a little harder than before. The icon that you are looking for is hidden on a secret page. To access that page you will need to collect some letters from around the website. These letters are an anagram of a mystery password. The mystery password is made up of two words and you will use it to access the final page with the hidden icon on it.

The hunt itself is also a little harder, the clues will lead you to a certain page. You will need to use them to find the next clue and the hidden letters. These will not be obvious, you may have to hunt for them. The clues will give a hint as to where on the page to find the clues and I will be able to offer hints later in the hunt.

Good luck and happy hunting.

Clue number one: Let’s start here; a $14 trial. Yellow would be my colour of choice.