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Washable pads for light incontinence

Light incontinence woman laughing

Light incontinence or bladder leakage can be annoying. When you reach a certain age or after having children, most women find that sneezing or laughing can become slightly dangerous. But have you thought about using washable pads to deal with the problem?

Reusable pads for bladder leakage

As most of us know, as we get older our bladders can become less reliable. Suddenly you can find that wetting yourself with laughter can become a very real possibility rather than something to joke about. Then there are the dreaded sneeze wees. How many times have you been caught by a sneezing fit and had to almost tie your legs in knots to keep anything from escaping? As for going trampolining? Forget it! Buying disposable pads can be expensive and they aren’t always the most comfortable option. But they are not the only thing that you can use, have you considered washable pads?

washable pads for light incontinence, woman sneezing light bladder leakage

What types of pads are best for light incontinence?

Will any washable pads work for light bladder leakage? Yes, as a general rule a washable pad that works for your period will be fine for incontinence too. If you just want a liner sized pad then our washable liners or petite pads might be your best choice. If your leakage is a little more than this, then any of our regular pads will be fine. I particularly like our organic sherpa pads.

Caring for pads for light bladder leakage

Reusable pads are fully machine washable. This makes them ideal for use as menstrual pads or if you suffer from bladder leakage. Unlike when you are using them for your period, they will need washing in warm water. If they are heavily soiled then you may want to soak them before washing. You can do this in cold water. Once they are washed, simply dry on your line, in the tumble dryer or as you normally would dry washing.

You can see our full range of washable pads here.

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