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Velcro cloth nappies

velcro cloth nappies

Velcro cloth nappies are a great choice for your baby. Hook and loop tabs give the flexibility that snaps just don’t offer, meaning that you can get a really great fit.

velcro cloth nappies

A great pocket nappy for newborns

Newborn babies can be difficult to get a good fit on. Many parents find that snaps at the waist are too fiddly. With velcro, also known as hook and loop, it’s much easier. You can position the velcro exactly where you need it. It’s also much easier than snaps. Fastening velcro is quick and easy. Our velcro dinky nappies are a great choice. The dinky nappy has lots of great features, which work well with the hook and loop. Compared to many other one-size nappies on the market, this means that it’s easy to get a good fit. Something that is essential when you want a reliable nappy that won’t leak.

Hook and loop pocket nappy from Nappyneedz in five colours, blue, green, white, orange, red and yellow.

Advantages of velcro cloth nappies

  • Parents often find it easier to get a good fit with velcro cloth nappies
  • Quicker to fasten, meaning a quicker change time.
  • Great for wriggly babies.
  • Fits better for babies who are between sizes.
  • No fiddling with snaps.
  • Can be easier for grandparents and daycare centres to use.

Hook and loop dinky

Our dinky pocket nappy is a great choice, whether you go for the snap or velcro closure. The velcro version features laundry tabs. These mean that your washing won’t all stick together while in the machine. They also help to stop the velcro from filling with fluff and becoming difficult to use. We sell our dinky nappies as an individual nappy or in packs. You can find out more about using the dinky nappy here.

I’d love to hear what your favourite colour of our dinky nappy is. Red, blue, green, orange, white or yellow? Let me know in the comments section or on our Facebook page.

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