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Using woollen Nappy covers – For best results

Using woollen nappy covers

Using woollen nappy covers can be easy, once you’ve got the hang of it. They are a completely natural and breathable choice which makes them ideal for your baby. Find out more about getting the best results with wool.

Why choose wool

Wool has lots of advantages over man-made fabrics. Soft and comfortable it helps to regulate your babies temperature, stopping them from getting too hot or too cold the way that a plastic-coated cover might. It’s also a natural and sustainable fibre. Our nappy covers are made here in New Zealand using 100% New Zealand merino wool. So you know that you are using a completely kiwi product.

Using woollen nappy covers

Unlike other nappy covers, these woollen covers do not work by having a waterproof layer that contains the liquid. Instead, they actually absorb some of the moisture and then allow it to evaporate. In order to get the best results, then the covers need treating with lanolin regularly. This helps them to deal with the wetness and to reduce odour. This is relatively easy and only needs to be done once every few months.

Lanolising your woollen cover

  • First of all wash your cover, using a wool wash. Cool to warm water is best for this.
  • Now prepare a bucket with some more wool wash and a pea-sized blob of lanolin.
  • You can purchase lanolin from many pharmacies. If you have some leftover nipple cream that is pure lanolin, then feel free to use that too.
  • Use warm water and swish it around to dissolve the lanolin.
  • Once the lanolin has melted, submerge the cover into the water and swish it around a bit.
  • I usually leave the cover to soak for half an hour or so, but you can leave it longer or shorted as long as it’s had time to be coated in the liquid.
  • Remove the cover from the liquid and gently squeeze out as much excess liquid as you are able.
  • Lie the cover somewhere flat to dry. If needed pull it gently back into shape.
  • Once it’s dry the cover is now ready to use.
  • This only needs doing every few months. If the cover begins to develop a slight odour or is not working as well, then it’s time to repeat the process.

Choosing Wool

Choosing a woollen cover might sound as though it’s complicated or difficult to work with. In actual fact it’s one of the best covers out there and perfect for night time use in particular. Check out our new range of NZ made woollen covers.

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