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Using the collapsible cup

I recently asked a couple of people to give our new collapsible menstrual cups a try and see how they found them. Here is the first of the reviews that I got back.

Using a collapsible cup

Using the collapsible cup

I used this collapsible cup for 2 cycles, the first time I had a wee bit of trouble as I thought the collapsible part was to size it for comfort not for storage, and I had some trouble getting a comfortable fit with it before I asked about it, so possibly the packaging or site might need to explain that (it may already and if it does sorry!!!  )


  • Fits in small container, good for carrying in purse in preparation,
  • I really liked the wee tub, it keeps it out of the way and stores it away from dust and everything, but I did let it air dry before sealing it in container, as I worried about the moisture. Maybe a small hole in the tub would remove that worry.
  • Love the wee bag it comes in, they are very cute and feminine very flexible.
  • Had no problems with my normal fold or the other folds that I tried.
  • Holes easy to clear easy to clean and hasn’t gotten as stained as my other more cloudy finished cup.
  • So far very soft and smooth even tho it has ridges, they don’t affect softness or usage

cons for me:

  • capacity not as large as I would normally go for, just not enough for me as I don’t like to change it more than 2 times a day.
  • Stem was long and thick (I could have cut it off but didn’t want to while trialing it) so that is easily remedied.

This is a sound cup that really worked for me. It was a soft very easy to insert, remove and clean. All in all I am very happy with it. I see it as a great option esp for those who don’t want to pay $50 for a mainstream cup. These definitely compare.

Have you tried this fold up cup yet? You can buy them here.

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