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Using cloth nappies in hot weather

Parents are often concerned about using cloth nappies in hot weather, or in the summer.  They worry that babies will become too hot in bulky nappies, and become uncomfortable. How can you ensure that your baby does not over heat? What kind of nappies are best when it is hot?

Why are cloth nappies good when it’s hot?

Although cloth nappies look thick and bulky, in actual fact they are a cooler option than disposable nappies.  Disposable nappies contain a plastic layer, which actually increases the baby’s temperature.  Cloth nappies are usually made from natural fabrics that are breathable, helping your little one stay cool when it is hot.  Even though PUL has a waterproof coating, it is still more breathable than the plastic in disposable nappies.

Another alternative to ensure that the nappy is even more breathable is to use a cotton nappy with a woollen cover.  The wool actually helps your baby to maintain their body temperature and not become too hot.  If hot at night a woollen cover can be ideal to help keep them cool in summer and warm in winter.

Woollen nappy cover, ideal for use when it is hot


What to wear when it’s hot

One of the great advantages of wearing cloth nappies, is that they look great on their own with just a t-shirt or singlet on top.  What’s better on a hot day, than stripping down to a cute nappy, t-shirt and hat.  Remembering of course to stay in the shade or use sun screen.  There are some really cute nappy options, but even a fairly plain cloth nappy can look really cute, like our dinky nappy.

using cloth nappies in hot weather


Summer cloth nappies

Cute cloth nappies for hot weather

Looking at using cloth nappies in hot weather, and need some cute options to really show off the best of cloth?  Then maybe consider some of our one of a kind options, we have quite a few in-stock one of a kind nappies that would look great with just a singlet or t-shirt.

one of a kind cloth nappies

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