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Welcome to Nappyneedz.

Nappyneedz was set up in 2010 by me, Kelly, in an attempt to bring affordable and quality cloth nappies to New Zealand parents.  I first started using cloth nappies on my oldest son, when he was born in 2006, and after this worked for a time as a cloth nappy adviser.  Having then gone on to creating and sewing my own nappies, I wanted to be able to share my knowledge and information about cloth nappies with other parents; Nappyneedz was born.

About us nappyneedz

About Nappyneedz

Here at nappyneedz we believe in offering reasonably priced, but reliable cloth nappies, and great cloth nappy advice and information.  We know lots about cloth nappies that we’d love to share with you.  Our dinky nappy has been designed and created by me, based on what I know works well.  By the time that nappyneedz was born, our family had increased to three children, and then in 2012 we had a fourth baby, so we have had plenty of opportunity to try out our cloth nappies.

The nappyneedz team

Value for money

These days there are many many cloth nappy options on the market, but finding one that works well without breaking the bank can be a challenge.  We aim to offer nappies that are a reasonable price, but that have had a thoughtful and thorough design process in their creation.  We back up all of our sales with a solid after sales service, that means that we can help make sure that you can make the right choice before you buy, and have assistance trouble shooting any problems later, should they occur.

New Zealand Cloth Nappies

We are based in the South Island, just outside of Dunedin, which is where we offer our first at home advice service, although we are hoping to build upon this, with advisors based in other areas in the near future.  If you do not live in the Dunedin area, then please feel free to fill in our on-line advice form here.  If you want to know anything else about us or about cloth nappies, then please let me know.

8 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hi,

    I have a 4mth old boy and recently have converted to cloth nappies. Looking at all the options plus reusable sanitary options (my friends are interested too if they work out well)

    Do you have a group meeting soon so I can look at all your fabulous products . I live in Dunedin.

    Thanks D

    1. I’m always happy to come out and show you our nappies 🙂

  2. Are all your cloth pads for woman made in NZ?

    1. Hi
      No, these ones are manufactured for us overseas.

  3. how can I get a list of all the materials used in your menstrual pads? thanks

    1. Hi Rachel
      Our basic pads are made of PUL (polyurethane laminate) for the backing fabric, two layers (one in the case of the liners) of microfibre and one layer of microfleece on top. The minky and bamboo pads are made of a laminated minky fabric, one layer of microfibre, one layer of bamboo fleece fabric and one layer of charcoal bamboo. Hope that helps.

  4. Do you deliver to Australia? If so, what is P&P costs?

    1. Yes, we charge a flat rate of $10.50. Thanks

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