Top tips for sunning nappies

Sunshine is fantastic, it makes us feel better, it warms things up and it’s great for cloth nappies. Not only will it help get rid of stains, but a bit of sunshine¬†also helps to get rid of any germs on the nappies and freshen them up. But what’s the best way to get the most out of a sunny day? What should you do when there isn’t much sunshine? Here are our top tips for sunning nappies.

Tips for sunning nappies

  • When you can, hang nappies outside on the line, wet nappies get the most benefit from rays of sunshine.
  • Flat nappies are easy to sun, as the whole of them is exposed to the sunshine.
  • Hang shells over the top of the line, this uses only one peg and the inner will be fully exposed to any sunshine.
  • When your nappies have been out a while, adjust them slightly so any hidden areas are now in sunlight. Look out for small areas around the elastic where stains can build up.
  • Even on a dull day, UV rays can help to remove stains, it might just take a little longer.
  • A windowsill inside on a rainy day or winter will still help to get rid of marks and stains.
  • Even old stains can be removed over time with a bit of sunlight.
  • Hanging nappies out will help to remove odour build up.
  • If you don’t have outside drying space, a clothes horse on a deck, or even in a sunny window will still work well.

Tips for sunning nappies


It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine will do for your nappies. I’ve tried all kinds of stain removers on both cloth nappies and clothing and nothing seems to get rid of stains as well as sunshine. Especially those bright yellow, newborn poo stains. It doesn’t have to be a hot sunny day either, although that will do the job much quicker than on a cloudy day.

How do you like to sun your nappies, let me know in the comments below.

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