Thinking outside the box

Do you think outside the box?

Parenting is hard. Modern parenting is a minefield!

The world is changing all the time. It is a huge melting pot of cultures and styles as we all move around this planet of ours, taking our various histories and cultures with us.

This is the same for parenting. And the many and various ways in which we nurture our children.

Are we going to drown in our box?

Western society has become very fast paced. With speed comes an increased volume of disposable items to help us along our way. It’s a little bit of a vicious cycle really – we work to provide things for our children because these things cost money. We use disposable items because its fast and easy. Then we are busy working to provide these things that we need… and so the cycle keeps on going.

Or should we be going back to tradition?

In writing this, I’ve done some research into some more traditional, re-usable items for modern parenting. And to be honest with you, until very recently I had no idea such products existed!

There is a big movement now to be more consumer conscious. To limit our waste footprint, to help our future generations have a planet to love and look after.

thinking outside the box

There is an absolute minefield of re-usable nappies available now! But what I really liked about the NappyneedZ website was the amazing amount of information and advice they had available. Including, but not limited to, the types of nappies available, how to use them, the leak factor and the list goes on! Amazing! But also, not just a big sell either. Just genuinely informative.

I wish I had used re-useable nappies for my children! If there is one thing I believe we should encourage our children to do is to think more about our planet. What better way to do that then by starting them off young with reusable products right from the start.

Options for thinking outside of the box

I also wish I had discovered fabric reusable breast pads while I was nursing my children because there are some seriously cool fabrics out there!

So next time you are invited to a baby shower and someone suggests a nappy cake – make sure that cake is a reusable one and not something that is going to be thrown away…. This will also help the future parents financially, that is after all, the reason baby showers became so popular in the first place.

This article was written by Tracy from cute cuddles. Check out her website for a great range of cute toys and gifts.