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The perfect Fit prem to extra Large nappy covers

Extra large nappy covers

Extra large nappy covers down to tiny premature size, with everything in between. When it comes to cloth nappy outers, here at Nappyneedz we’ve got you covered. Ideal for use over our prefolds and flat nappies, they also work well over fitted nappies that need a cover. Click here to purchase, or read on to learn more.

A Nappy Cover that Fits

There are lots of one size fits most options on the market when it comes to cloth nappies. While there are lots of advantages to these, there are good reasons to think about sizes covers.

  • Sized covers give a better fit, they are designed to fit a particular weight range, rather than all sizes. This means that they will always fit better.
  • There’s no excess fabric or bulk that you can get with OSFM.
  • They’re good for very small babies. Our premature size covers fit from just 2 lbs.
  • Different sizes have different needs. For example, our newborn and prem sized covers have a notch at the waist to stop the cover from rubbing the umbilical stump.
  • They fit larger sizes. Most OSFM nappies and covers go to around 16 kg, we have an extra large nappy cover that will fit up to 27kg.
  • They can actually save money. If you use cloth nappies on more than one child, you may find that that OSFM may not last for all of them. With a sized cover, they have less ware as they are used for a shorter time period and so don’t usually need replacing for future children.
Ecobots nappy covers features.

Using Prefolds and Covers

Ecobots prefold nappies work really well under any of our covers. These come in different sizes and while there are certain size prefolds that work well with particular covers, you can use whichever combination works best for you. For our larger sizes, the supersize prefolds are the best option. These are the most absorbent and largest style of prefold that we do. You can still use smaller prefolds, particularly if pad folding them, but they will not be as absorbent. If you are using smaller sizes, then boosting them with extra prefolds or boosters will help with absorbency. For more information on how Ecobots work, check out our pages here. We also send out information with our nappies.

Have you tried our extra large nappy covers? Or any sized covers at all. I’d love to hear your thoughts or see photos of your little ones wearing them. Share them on our Facebook pages here and here.

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