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The best way to try cloth nappies

Try cloth nappies with our modern cloth nappy trial pack

Want to try cloth nappies for your baby? Not really sure where to start or what to get? Our trial pack options might be the perfect solution to help you give cloth a go. Find out what works for your family.

Starting out with cloth

When it comes to using cloth nappies, there are a huge range of options on the market. I could just tell you what I like, or what worked for my babies. You could listen to what your friends have used. Or you might pick a nappy that you like the colour or print of. That might not be the best way to work out what works for you and your baby. If you haven’t used cloth before, then trying a couple of different styles will give you a better idea of what might be your ideal system. We have a number of different trial packs. All designed to help you try cloth nappies, without having to spend a fortune on a full set. Once you’ve given them a go, you can come back and purchase more of the ones that you like.

Giving cloth nappies a try

If you’re going to give reusable nappies a try, then really you need a few different options. You also need enough nappies that you can change your baby more than once over the course of the day. This will give you chance to see what’s working for you. Our Ecobots Trial Packs have got three nappy changes in them. With this style of nappy, you only change the insert each time. For this reason, the pack comes with three cotton inserts. There is also a cover, snappi fastener and a guide to using the nappies. If you want to try different types of nappies, then our Modern Cloth Trial Pack is your best option. This contains a dinky pocket nappy, three cotton prefolds, snappi, nappy cover and instructions for both nappy types. It has enough for four changes, which helps you give them a really good go.

Try cloth nappies with our Ecobots trial pack

Along side these trial packs, we also have our OSFM Trial Pack. This is a budget conscious option and a great choice if you are trying to save money.

Have you tried cloth nappies yet? If you’ve tried our nappies, I’d love to see photos, please share them on our Facebook page. Make sure you follow us on Instagram.

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