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The best cloth menstrual pads for you

The best cloth menstrual pads for you, three different sizes

Choosing the best cloth menstrual pads for you needn’t be hard. Here’s our guide to the different options available and what might work best for you.

Options to take into account

There are a number of things that you might want to consider when you are looking at buying cloth menstrual pads.

  • When will you be using them?
    • Are they for daytime or night time use?
    • Will you be using them after giving birth?
    • Do you need a liner for use between periods?
  • How old is the person using the pads?
    • Younger women will probably need smaller size pads.
  • What fabrics do you want them to be made from?
    • Different fabrics have different qualities.
    • We have more information on different types of fabrics below.
  • How much can you afford?
    • Pads come in a range of prices.
    • Although you will save money by switching to reusable pads, set up can be costly.
Best choice for fabrics for your menstrual pads

Best choice for fabric

There are a number of different options when it comes to fabrics. As a general rule, natural fabrics tend to be slightly more expensive. We offer a range of entry-level menstrual pads that are made with an absorbent core of microfibre with a microfleece top. Next, we have our bamboo and minky pads, these pads are backed with minky fabric closest to your underwear, a core of microfibre and bamboo fleece and are topped with a grey microfleece. Lastly, we have organic cotton pads, with a hidden pul layer. These come in two sizes and are made with either unbleached organic twill fabric or soft organic sherpa fabric.

Menstrual pad sizes

Our menstrual pads come in a range of different sizes. We go into more detail on the options that are available in this blog post. As a general rule, our very large pads are great for night times or after giving birth. Our small and regular pads are perfect for everyday use. We also offer a liner that you can use for everyday freshness. Click here for our full range of pads.

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