Thank goodness for flat nappies

Thank goodness for flat nappies. Honestly, even though my children are all now out of nappies, I’m not sure what I’d do without them.

Hundreds of uses

When I bought my first set of cloth nappies, for my soon to be born first baby, I had no idea that they would still be in use all this time later. I remember buying a range of different nappies to try, including some flat squares for use in the early days. I still recommend flat nappies for newborns, either simple bamboo or cotton squares, or prefolds. They are easy to take care of, simple to use and when you’re changing frequently, they are handy as they dry so quickly. It’s the other uses that you find for them though, where they really come into their own. I’ve lost count of the different ways that I’ve found to use them over the last eleven years.

 Thank goodness for flat nappies

Thank goodness for flat nappies

Not only do they make great nappies, but when my babies were tiny I used them for many other things. I used them on their bed if they were a bit spilly and I didn’t want to deal with a full bed change, I used them for them to play on naked on the floor. Later on, they were handy to sit on when toilet training to deal with those little accidents. I’ve wiped up countless spills and messes from all kinds of things over the years. Just the other day, my youngest daughter got a stomach bug. Never nice to deal with, but there were my handy flat nappies, ready to cover pillow cases, be used as towels, and wipe up mess.

New baby must have

When it comes to essential equipment for a newborn baby, there isn’t much that you actually have to have. But I think that flat nappies are a really great place to start. Even if you’re not planning on using them as nappies, they’re just so handy. A set of flat nappies is always one of the first things I think of, when getting a friend a baby shower or new arrival gift. I really don’t know how I’d manage without mine. I’m sure when the day arrives that they are finally too worn to be any use, I’ll be investing in a second set. Fortunately though, they seem to be lasting really well so far. You can find our flat nappy range here.

Do you have flat nappies? What uses have you found for them? Let me know in the comments below.