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switch to cloth nappies, it’s never too late

It's never to late to make the switch to cloth nappies

Want to switch to cloth nappies but worried that you’ve left it too late? Here are our top tips for making the change and why it’s never too late to start using reusable nappies.

Switch to cloth nappies, it's not too late

Why it’s never too late

Even if your little one is rapidly heading towards using the toilet independently, it’s still not too late to start using cloth nappies. Even those last few months of using disposables cost you money in yet more nappies to buy and creating waste that you have to throw away. Many parents find that when they make the change to cloth nappies, their little one starts to learn that they are wet and toilet training comes easily and naturally. Whatever stage your nappy wearing baby is at, it’s still a good idea to give cloth a go. Here are our top tips for making the change.

Making the switch to cloth nappies

  • Start when you have time. Don’t add the extra pressure of being away from home or out and about when making the change.
  • Begin with a small change. Cloth doesn’t have to be full time if it doesn’t work for you.
  • Even one or two cloth nappies make all the difference.
  • Get a few types to try, or even borrow from friends or nappy libraries.
  • Build your stash over time.
  • If you have more than one in cloth, then try and find a style you can use on both. This will reduce the workload and the amount you need.
  • A trial pack is a good place to start.
  • Speak to your friends about what works for them.
  • If your children are in daycare, speak to them about cloth nappies. Lots of parents send their babies in cloth and they might have a preference to which they use.
  • Consider a nappy laundry service to begin with, to help you get into the swing of cloth.

Top tips

Do you have any top tips for starting out with cloth? Let us know your ideas. If you’re looking to give cloth a go, then check out our trial packs here.

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