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Do you use a snappi to fasten your nappies?  Or are you still using nappy pins?  Want to know more about snappis and how to use them? When it comes to cloth nappies, there are many many different accessories available on the market.  Many are far from essential, but when considering what to buy, you can’t go far wrong with this handy little piece of rubber.


What is a snappi?

If you use flat or prefold cotton nappies, and even some fitted cloth nappies then you might want to consider using snappis to fasten your nappies.  A snappi is a ‘T’ shaped piece of rubber, with plastic teeth at each end.  The teeth grip the fabric, and hold it in place around your baby.  Simple to use, and less likely to accidently hurt either your baby or you, as you might do with a nappy pin.

How do you use a snappi?

Snappis are very easy to use, simply fold the cloth nappy around your baby, and then hook left, hook right and then pull the bottom of the snappi and hook at the bottom.  Before every use, you should stretch the snappi and check that there are no tears or any damage to it.  Wash them every so often with soapy water, to keep them clean.

How to use a snappi


What kind of fabrics do they work on?

Snappis can be used on most fabrics, prefolds of either cotton and bamboo are ideal for use with a snappi.  Flat nappies are also another good cloth nappy to use, terry fabric is perfect, but they will also work on flannel nappies, although you might need to stretch it slightly tighter.  Fitted cloth nappies that do not have snaps or velcro to close it can also be fastened with a snappi nappy fastener.

Where can I buy them?

Also known as nappy nippas in some countries, these nappy fasteners are easy to purchase in New Zealand.  To buy a snappi today, then click here

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