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Sized nappy covers

sized nappy covers

Sized nappy covers have lots of advantages over the one size fits most covers on the market. While our covers might look simple and basic, they actually have lots of features that make them a great choice.

sized nappy covers

Sized nappy covers v OSFM covers

As much as I love our one size fits most covers and believe me, I do, there are some great advantages to our sized nappy covers. If you’re looking for a trim fit when it comes to cloth nappies, then you can’t go far wrong with our sized covers. A OSFM cover will have extra fabric in the smaller sizes. With a sized cover, it is made to fit that particular weight range. It’s much easier to get a good fit with a sized cover. It does mean that you will have to buy more covers as your baby grow. That might not actually be a bad thing. As your baby is only in the covers for a period of time, they last longer. If you are planning on using the covers on more than one baby, that’s ideal.

Advantages of our covers

  • Our nappy covers all have double gussets at the leg. This cuts down on leaks.
  • The velcro fastening helps to give a good fit.
  • Elastic at the back of the cover helps to contain even the biggest poo explosion.
  • The newborn and premature sizes have a notch at the front. The cover won’t rub on the sensitive umbilical stump.
  • Our covers start at teeny premature size.
  • We do an extra-large cover. Ideal for older children in nappies.
  • If you use these covers with our prefold nappies then you don’t have to change the whole thing. Simply wipe the cover clean if only wet and change the insert.
  • White might be simple and basic, but it goes with everything. It’s also the perfect baby colour.
Waterproof cloth nappy covers

Waterproof overnaps

Our covers, also known as overnaps are waterproof and breathable. If you’re looking at cloth nappies, then you won’t go far wrong with this type of cover. We love to see photos of babies using our nappies and covers. Please feel free to pop by our facebook page to share your photos with us.

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