Washable sanitary pad – liner

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Washable sanitary pad liner for everyday freshness and great for the end of your period.  Small and discrete, these washable sanitary pad liners are comfortable to use and easy to care for.

Washable sanitary pad

As a washable sanitary pad is reusable, you’ll know that you’re helping the environment, and avoiding having chemicals next to your delicate skin. The liner features a microfleece top which acts as a stay dry layer, drawing the moisture away into the centre of the pad so that it feels dry next to your skin.

Everyday freshness

This washable liner is ideal for everyday use between your period, or at the end of menstruation when your flow is at it’s lightest.  It has one layer of microfibre which makes it fast drying, but absorbent enough for a very light flow.  The washable sanitary pad liner has a PUL backing to keep your underwear dry.  The PUL backing is available in red, dark pink, light pink and yellow, please state if you have a preference when ordering, or we will send a random selection.


Our washable sanitary pad liner features two snap settings to give you a secure fit on your underwear that you can be confident in. To care for your pads we recommend a cold wash to prevent stains from setting.  You may wish to soak after use and before washing in a tub of cold water with a little salt added.

These liners measure approximately 17 cm long by 8.5 cm (not including the wings).

We send pads out with a random selection of colours. If you would like something specific, please let me know.