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Ecobots twin cloth nappies pack

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If your looking for twin cloth nappies, then this pack might be for you. It has everything that you need for the first two sizes, with enough for two babies in cloth at the same time.

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Ecobots twin cloth nappies pack contains all you need for twins for the first two sizes.  This is a larger pack than our standard size packs, because with twins you need more, but not necessarily two of everything.

Ecobots twin cloth nappies pack

Pre-folds are the perfect choice for twins when considering cloth nappies. They are quick and easy to use, quick-drying and like all cloth nappies will save you money.  With no complicated folds or pins needed, yet quick-drying and made from natural cotton. These nappies are ideal against your tiny babies’ sensitive skin.  Check out our articles for more info.

Ideal cloth nappies for newborn babies

Ecobots cloth nappies are ideal for newborn babies, and perfect for your babies.  Our twins’ cloth nappy pack contains our fantastic double gusset nappy covers, which contain leaks and poo explosions.  With velcro closures to help get the right fit and a notch in the front of the cover so that it will not rub on their umbilical stump. Our covers are great for newborn babies.  Our pure cotton prefold nappies are quick to dry, and being natural cotton, kind to their sensitive skin.

Loved by Kiwi twin parents

Ecobots have been used and loved by thousands of New Zealand parents, and we are sure that you will love our twin cloth nappies pack for your twins.  With everything, you need to start out in cloth nappies, using our pack is the ideal way to save money.

All you need

Included in our pack:

  • 9 newborn covers
  • 9 small covers
  • 12 prem nappies
  • 30 infant nappies
  • 9 packs of liners
  • 4 organic cotton boosters
  • 4 Snappi nappy fasteners

If you are looking for a larger pack for your multiple birth, then check out our full birth to potty pack.


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