Teen starter reusable menstrual pack

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Teen starter menstrual pack, ideal for those just starting their periods. Size zero menstrual cup and five petite washable menstrual pads.

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Starter reusable menstrual pack for teens and young women. All you need to start using washable menstrual products.

Starter reusable menstrual pack

This pack contains five of our petite size menstrual pads and one of our size zero menstrual cups. Backed with brightly coloured minky fabric, these pads are fun and bright. They are waterproof against your underwear to prevent leaks. They have a layer of absorbent microfibre and bamboo fleece in the core. Topped with a soft layer of dark grey microfleece. These pads are comfortable, easy to care for and reliable. The menstrual cup is a size zero. This is our smallest size cup. The pack is designed for young women who are just starting their periods. It is also ideal for women who are very sporty and have strong pelvic floor muscles or light periods.

Great Value

This starter pack is designed to give you the chance to try our pads and cup at a great price. With five pads and a menstrual cup, you can use the pads as back up at the beginning of your period. Or, if you prefer, you can switch to the pads when your period is nearly over. Save money by buying this great value pack, rather than purchasing the products individually. If you would prefer to buy the items separately you can find them here. The teen cup is available on this page and the petite pads are here.

Teen pack

These smaller size products are perfect for teenagers and young women. If you have a daughter who is nearing her first period, then this pack is ideal to have in preparation. We also stock the products in larger sizes. A great eco choice.