Teen Menstrual Cup

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Size zero menstrual cup, a smaller size than our small cup. Ideal for younger women and those that need a smaller cup.

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Teen menstrual cup. Size zero menstrual cup. Ideal for younger women and those that need a smaller size cup.

New smaller size

Our ever-popular menstrual cup is now available in size zero. Perfect for young women who are new to using menstrual cups and want something a little smaller than our small size cup. The cup is also perfect for women who have lighter periods or who do a lot of sport. If you are not sure which cup you are likely to need, then feel free to get in touch for more help. As a general rule, our large cup is for women who have been pregnant and/or those who are over 30. The small cup is for women who have not been pregnant and are under 30. The size zero cup is for younger women with lighter periods, teenagers and sportswomen. It is usually advised to go for a cup with the smallest capacity that you need.

Teen Menstrual Cup

Our Teen Menstrual Cup is made from medical grade silicone. It should be washed and sterilised before first use and between insertions. You can do this in the microwave, with Milton tablets or by boiling it. We have microwave sterilisers for this and also stock washing liquid and wipes. Some women find that the cup will work better if the stem is trimmed. You can also turn the cup inside out before inserting.

Eco period

We stock a range of reusable menstrual products. If you are looking to reduce your impact on the environment, then items such as the menstrual cups are ideal. Fully reusable time after time. You will also save money by making the switch to reusable products. We work with high schools and charities that deal with period poverty. Please get in touch if you are interested in wholesale prices for projects help to provide women with reusable menstrual products.