Super Value Complete Cloth Nappy Pack

NZD $150.00

Super Value Complete Cloth Nappy Pack containing 20 OSFM pocket nappies, 20 microfibre inserts, a roll of liner and storage wet bag. Random prints will be sent, please let us know if there is a particular one or range that you want.

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Super Value Complete Cloth Nappy Pack containing 20 OSFM pocket nappies, 20 microfibre inserts, a pack of liners and a storage wet bag.

Save money with cloth nappies

Cloth nappies are a great way to save money, but for many parents the initial set up costs can make things too expensive. Many families are feeling the pinch right now and we thought that it was time to introduce a range of value cloth nappies. These are nappies that work well and easy to use, but are more of a basic and generic style than our other brands. These nappies have been tried by parents all around the world and are very popular. They are a great way to make the switch to reusables when money is an issue. By making the switch to cloth you can save thousands of dollars on your first child alone. This super value complete cloth nappy pack has everything that you need to get started.

Value Complete Cloth Nappy Pack

Each pack contains:

  • 20 OSFM pocket nappies
  • 20 Microfibre inserts
  • A pack of nappy liners
  • A large wet bag for storage.

The pocket nappies will fit from a month or so old until toilet training, the snaps on the front reduce the size of the nappy, helping them to fit a range of sizes. The inserts will be enough, to begin with, older children may need an extra insert. We would usually recommend that you use a natural fibre at this stage, such as our bamboo prefolds. The wet bag is to store the nappies in before washing. Once you have removed any solids you can store the nappies in the bag before putting them in the washing machine. The bag is waterproof and has a drawstring to close at the top. The liners are bamboo viscose and are biodegradable. We do not recommend flushing these as they can cause blockages.

Help with cloth nappies

Even with this bargain-priced pack, we know that cloth nappies can still be a stretch for some families. We are able to provide WINZ quotations as we are a registered supplier with them. We also offer laybuy as an option to help spread payments.