Safety door stop

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Easy to use, our safety door stop simply fits over your door to prevent little fingers getting trapped or the door from slamming.

Prevent trapped fingers

Little fingers are delicate and easy to damage in doors as they are closed.  Our safety door stop prevents this from happening, and helps to prevent fingers from being trapped.  Made from EVA material, the safety door stop slides onto the door, and prevents children from closing the door, meaning that they cannot shut their fingers in the door trapping them.

Colourful safety door stop

The safety door stop comes in a range of bright colours, each with a fun animal character. Choose from a blue cat, yellow tiger, green butterfly or orange bear.  The EVA material is soft, meaning that the safety door stop will not damage the door or frame, and can easily be removed and relocated on another door time and time again.

Stop door slamming

The safety door stop prevents the door from fully closing, which means that the door will not slam shut.  Small children can close doors with force when playing, which is often when accidents happen, and small fingers can get caught.  The safety door stop can also be used to prevent doors that slam shut in a breeze from shutting.

As with all safety products, these safety door stops are designed to be used alongside, not instead of, proper adult supervision.

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