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Regular washable sanitary pad

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Washable sanitary pads, regular size. White top with light pink, dark pink, red or yellow backing. Approx 25 cm long.


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Please note, these pads are currently a slightly different shape to those shown in the photo.

Regular washable sanitary pad

Medium-sized, reusable pad. Our regular washable sanitary pad is a great reusable choice for your period. Absorbent enough to cope with a heavy to medium flow. This pad can be used for most days in your period.  Choosing washable, menstrual products means that you are helping the environment. This also ensures that there are no chemicals next to your delicate skin.

Easy to care for

Our regular washable sanitary pad is topped with soft microfleece. This fabric not only feels nice against the skin, but it also acts as a stay-dry layer. The microfleece allows liquid to pass through easily into the centre of the pad, but the fabric does not feel wet against the skin.  This, along with the fact that the pads are breathable, means that there is less chance of irritation.

We recommend washing in cold water, to prevent stains from setting.  You can soak after use and before washing in a tub with cold water and salt to help prevent stains. If you prefer then you can use your usual washing detergent.


The regular washable sanitary pad is backed with PUL. This acts as a waterproof layer, which means that moisture will not pass through onto your underwear.

The pads come with a choice of

  • dark pink
  • light pink
  • red
  • yellow

Each pad has two snap settings to ensure a comfortable and secure fit into your underwear to prevent slipping.  The centre of the pad is microfibre which is absorbent and yet also fast drying.

These pads measure approximately 25 cm long by 10 cm wide, not including the wings.



Light Pink, Dark Pink, Red, Yellow

234 reviews for Regular washable sanitary pad

Based on 234 reviews
  1. kathryn l. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product so comfy 🙂

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  2. Caitlin T. (verified owner)

    I found these pads really good 🙂

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  3. Rachael W. (verified owner)

    Stays in place, soft fabric, does what it’s meant to 🙂

    (0) (0)
  4. Kristin (verified owner)

    These pads are soft and comfy. Such a great buy.

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  5. Jessica B. (verified owner)

    good quality for the price

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  6. Aaronay U. (verified owner)

    Thanks, they’re comfortable but they do fall off/go out of place if I don’t turn the side of the pad with the label tab the other way which is where my front passage is but other than that it is still good to use and is still a lot better than using disposable pads!! And they aren’t too hot down there they feel just like disposable pads but a lot more comfy and doesn’t cause discomfort like the normal ones do 🙂

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  7. Patricia N. (verified owner)

    fantastic product ,,great service

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  8. Leeanne J. (verified owner)

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  9. Bex N. (verified owner)

    These are amazing, SO much better than disposables, very soft and plush feeling, easy enough to clean, although not a fan of the white coloured lining, does show stains even washing and soaking immediately after use.

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  10. karyn s. (verified owner)

    Love the colors and the fabric feels soft, warm and comfortable. Amazingly pleasant to sleep with and no more movement than a normal pad. Will be interested to see if they feel to warm for summer time use (time shall tell).

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  11. Jessica O. (verified owner)

    Quite thick but very comfortable, *way* better than disposable.

    4 stars

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  12. Marie V. (verified owner)

    These are fairly big and thick but I actually really like that about them. They feel a lot more snug than some of the thinner cotton pads that I’ve tried. Best of all it feels dry compared to disposables which always felt sweaty and gross. I noticed that it didn’t seem to have that unpleasant odor as much either.

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  13. TaryAnn T. (verified owner)

    You might think they’d shift about, but let’s be honest, the self-adhesive disposables also shift about and with these washables, if they do move, at least you won’t have sticky bits sticking where you wouldn’t like it! I found them soft, comfortable, they felt dry and I didn’t have any major “shifting” issues. Easy to care for as well; rinse them in the sink with cold water and throw them in the wash once a day. If you’re used to ultrathin disposables or not wearing a pad, you’ll notice these but only at first; they’re thinner than I thought they’d be. Also, great service and superfast delivery; really, you gotta try them.

    (1) (0)
  14. Cherise B. (verified owner)

    Good quality and finish

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  15. Tina R. (verified owner)

    Well packaged prompt postage , items as described, cheers for purchase

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  16. Lihan C. (verified owner)

    I have been using these for years before I came across nappy needs and these are the softest most comfortable ones I have come across. I also love that they are white as I can see, and make sure that everything is normal.

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  17. Laura M. (verified owner)

    Great Product and fast postage

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  18. Becks W. (verified owner)

    Love them! Wish I’d bought these years ago! So much nicer than throw away pads. No smell and better for the environment. I would recommend these!

    (0) (0)
  19. Lanya C. (verified owner)

    Awesome products! Very easy to use and easy to clean. Thank you for bringing these ideas to saving the planet! ^_^

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  20. Sariah M. (verified owner)

    Really good would recommend to others

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  21. Tara A. (verified owner)

    Happy with both service and product. Would definitely buy from here again.

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  22. Jenny L. (verified owner)

    It’s awesome, I only wish I’d bought some sooner!!

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  23. Jess M. (verified owner)

    I assumed this was made in NZ, but turns out it’s actually made in China (for those who prefer to buy locally made).
    Would be good if they acknowledged this in the description.

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  24. Gretta S. (verified owner)

    Products arrived quickly and were exactly as ordered. My last lot have lasted very well, these were for my daughter.

    (0) (0)
  25. Rebecca C. (verified owner)

    Literally can’t wait for my period to arrive which is tragically sad but a huge testament to the loveliness of your pads!

    (0) (0)
  26. Anna B. (verified owner)

    Best pad, very soft & comfotable. Absorbs a good amount and better than other more expensive products. Will be buying more.

    (0) (0)
  27. Dale M. (verified owner)

    good so far!

    (0) (0)
  28. Shirlene H. (verified owner)

    Great stuff thank you! Liners are so handy!

    (0) (0)
  29. Cheryl K. (verified owner)

    These are a great value and comfortable cloth pad. The only thing I’m not loving so much is the fleece topping (personal preference) but it certainly wouldn’t stop me from purchasing more.

    (0) (0)
  30. Caroline G. (verified owner)

    Easy to wash. Stay in place well. Takes a little getting used to the feel but really happy to have this alternative.

    (0) (0)
  31. Robyn L. (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for making these products! 🙂 I was so happy to find them a while ago as they are well made, super comfortable and the pricing is great. You sent posted them out really quickly too. Totally recommend.

    (0) (0)
  32. Sharon B. (verified owner)


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  33. Sally f. (verified owner)

    Very happy with the quality of the product. Slightly bigger than other brands I have bought but with price and quality I would buy again and recommend.

    (0) (0)
  34. Tracy M. (verified owner)

    These are fabulous. Very comfy & durable. Great value for money

    (0) (0)
  35. Gemma H. (verified owner)

    So easy to use and wash, only isuue is they slide a little bit.

    (0) (0)
  36. ellamademe (verified owner)

    Great purchase thanks

    (0) (0)
  37. Samantha P. (verified owner)

    I have really liked using these but the “wings” need to be a bit longer.

    (0) (0)
  38. Selena F. (verified owner)

    Awesome value for money

    (0) (0)
  39. Jackie F. (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I bought these, the cup and the liners about 2 years ago now and haven’t stopped using them since. I much prefer using these over the gross one use pads, and it’s nice knowing I never have to go to the store and buy more pads, as I always have them at home. Have recommended to my family, and would recommend you buying them too! Thank you so much!

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  40. Isabelle P. (verified owner)

    Returning customer here! Nappy needz has super reasonable prices, and I loved the absorbency. I really appreciate how it doesn’t stay feeling wet on the pad for the most part, and so much more comfortable than disposable plastic-like liners! Thanks!

    (0) (0)
  41. Tanita L. (verified owner)

    Comfy and odourless.

    (0) (0)
  42. Fay W. (verified owner)

    Delighted with the product and exceptional service. Would do it all again. Many thanks.

    (0) (0)
  43. Renee E. (verified owner)

    Great pads work so well with my 13 an 16yr old thanks one thing a small piece of paper in our packages with how to wash would be nice

    (0) (0)
  44. Marguerite E. (verified owner)

    Good product. Quick delivery

    (0) (0)
  45. Tracy P. (verified owner)

    I love these although still not the colour they are too easy to become stained. I used to end up with thrush every month due to what I was using, however since I have been using these I have not had it once.

    (0) (0)
  46. Ayla W. (verified owner)

    Very thick and fluffy, not the most comfortable as you know it is always there.

    (0) (0)
  47. Saskia S. (verified owner)

    I am impressed with these pads, I was worried they would move around but so far they are staying in place well! Amazing price, great product.

    (0) (0)
  48. Joan M. (verified owner)

    Very user friendly and environment friendly. Efficient delivery of a great product.

    (0) (0)
  49. Janice B. (verified owner)

    Returning customer-love these products. Great for the environment & so cost effective!

    (0) (0)
  50. Justine B. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the product. I was a bit afraid that they would not stay in place properly but it works perfectly. They are also easy to clean and quick to dry.

    (0) (0)
  51. Stasha-lee B. (verified owner)

    super affordable, easy to use and long lasting. will definitely be recommending to friends!

    (0) (0)
  52. emma C. (verified owner)

    Fantastic quality and fantastic price. So soft and comfy! They are stay dry too so no irritation of a wet pad against your skin. Highly recomended 🙂

    (0) (0)
  53. Mary S. (verified owner)

    Fantastic price and comfortable to wear. I like the option of width with 2 snaps. Pretty absorbent too.

    (0) (0)
  54. Samantha J. (verified owner)

    They are very good, good quality and comfortable 🙂

    (0) (0)
  55. Merrie H. (verified owner)

    Beautifully made, good assortment of colours. Effectively used. Promptly Posted. Thank you.

    (0) (0)
  56. jaimie b. (verified owner)

    Awesome. No probs. Great product

    (0) (0)
  57. Diane H. (verified owner)

    They look great, but I’m pregnant at the mo, so am just getting myself sorted for post-pregnancy.

    (0) (0)
  58. Jas B. (verified owner)

    Love it – no nappy rash ! 🙂

    (0) (0)
  59. Julie R. (verified owner)

    I find that they slip back to much and should be shaped with a longer part to the front or the dombes back a bit so that they protect the front. The liners allow leakage off the front of them. And they grab up you bum. And I have a small bum so it’s not just my size.

    (0) (0)
  60. Karen F. (verified owner)

    Bought these for charity shoeboxes overseas where girls don’t have access to disposables- better for the environment to reuse too! Good product.

    (0) (0)
  61. belle M. (verified owner)

    good buy

    (0) (0)
  62. Toyah B. (verified owner)

    I find them to be great really easy to pop on. 🙂

    (0) (0)
  63. Alex R. (verified owner)

    I love these. They are comfortable and cushy for my too shy. Would recommend to anyone and have already managed to talk my “non-eco” mother into getting some. Value for money.

    (0) (0)
  64. Sarah H. (verified owner)

    Love these! So affordable and do an awesome job I could not be happier with my purchase highly recommend these! If your thinking about … Go on… Just do it!

    (0) (0)
  65. Christine G. (verified owner)

    I used cloth nappies with my daughter the whole way through so thought I mayaswell try cloth pads for myself, I can not express how comfortable they are, I struggled with other pads rubbing and leaving me red raw but these are amazing, wish I’d had them postpartum!! Will be buying more and trying different material. Thank you so much

    (0) (0)
  66. Jenni C. (verified owner)

    Comfy, practical – what more could you ask? Oh yeah, a good price too! 🙂

    (0) (0)
  67. Stephanie K. (verified owner)

    Great service. Quick post. Not entirely impressed with my product but definitely can’t complain for the price!

    (0) (0)
  68. Teresa B. (verified owner)

    Great service great products thanks heaps

    (0) (0)
  69. Alice G. (verified owner)

    I’m a huge advocate of reusable pads and one of the biggest comments I get from people are that they are just too expensive. It’s easy to pay a small amount each month than it is to make one large one for the next 5 years. Nappyneedz really addresses that issue by offering super affordable reusable products that are of high quality making them my product of choice to promote to others who are still on the fence about making the switch. I have tried many different brands and shapes and I feel nappyneedz are the best value for money whilst also being absorbent and soft.

    (0) (0)
  70. Gemma L. (verified owner)

    Soft, no leaking, so far no sliding, and wash very well! Well worth switching from disposables especially at this price. Love them, Thankyou.

    (0) (0)
  71. Kendra H. (verified owner)


    (0) (0)
  72. Zoie K. (verified owner)

    These are a great idea and are way more comfortable and secure feeling than disposable pads.

    (0) (0)
  73. Gretta S. (verified owner)

    Service was prompt and the products are good quality and cost effective. I will recommend these and buy again.

    (0) (0)
  74. Lena D. (verified owner)

    I can’t review this item as I am still pregnant.

    (0) (1)
  75. neysa k. (verified owner)

    these are very high quality and a great price. will recommend this place to everyone! Thank you!

    (0) (0)
  76. Erin L. (verified owner)

    These are great! so comfortable. Absorbent enough for me and didn’t make a plastic rubbing sound as I walked. I only bought one regular size to see if they suited me …. I think I will be back for more 🙂

    (0) (0)
  77. Sinothando M. (verified owner)

    Worked well but wish they weren’t made of a synthetic fleece (micro fleece). Disadvantage of a synthetic fabric is that they can feel hotter as they do not “breathe” as well as naturals. Nappy needs you’re doing a great job but please consider using natural fleeces like Hemp, Cotton, Bamboo.

    Just didn’t feel at ease using the fleece pad, however I appreciated a night’s sleep without leakages.

    (0) (0)
  78. Tracey W. (verified owner)

    soft asorant comfortale

    (0) (0)
  79. Kylie G. (verified owner)

    These were so much softer to use than the horrible disposable surf boards you get after having a baby.
    Highly recommend them!

    (0) (0)
  80. Cornelia B. (verified owner)

    Good size for normal/light days. I prefer the bigger one a lot for the night though! Either size – so easy to wash – got perfectly clean by rinsing and soaking with a little bit of an eco oxi powder.

    (0) (0)
  81. Amanda B. (verified owner)

    So easy to purchase and a great service. Really happy with product! Thank you.

    (0) (0)
  82. Jodi P. (verified owner)

    Well made product:grinning:

    (0) (0)
  83. Beth W. (verified owner)

    Will spread the word on sustainable menarchy products

    (0) (0)
  84. marie g. (verified owner)

    Am in love with this product im pregnant and always get thrush but since using these i havent had it once also brought the breast pads so comfortable everything so well made and AMAZING price thankyou nappyneedz

    (0) (0)
  85. Sylvia S. (verified owner)


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  86. D H. (verified owner)

    These are really good, they are alot more comfortable than I thought they would be, i am going to order some more

    (0) (0)
  87. Lynley D. (verified owner)

    Excellent quality

    (0) (0)
  88. Clare A. (verified owner)

    Love them, highly recommend. Easy to clean and very comfortable.

    (0) (0)
  89. Helma F. (verified owner)

    Excellent product, well priced and good service.

    (0) (0)
  90. Aaronay U. (verified owner)


    (0) (0)
  91. Eden D. (verified owner)

    Easy to wear and wash, thanks!

    (0) (0)
  92. Bek E. (verified owner)

    Fantastic product, works very well to wick the fluid away and keep you feeling comfortable. Easy to wash and wear

    (0) (0)
  93. Maryann D. (verified owner)


    (0) (0)
  94. delphine t. (verified owner)

    Thank you for these wonderful pads. I would be more than happy to recommend them to anybody.

    Kind Regards,


    (0) (0)
  95. Marni A. (verified owner)

    This was my first reuseable pad and I was so happy with the quality of it, especially for the price!

    (0) (0)
  96. Meg T. (verified owner)

    Thank you for these washable sanitary pads, they are very comfortable to wear and very affordable to purchase.

    (0) (0)
  97. Rebecca B. (verified owner)

    These are great pads. The PUL backing means they sometimes move around a bit, but they are mostly fine and very comfy on my skin.

    (0) (0)
  98. Lee-Ann D. (verified owner)

    Excellent product very happy

    (0) (0)
  99. Te W. (verified owner)

    Fast delivery. Good product. Over all happy