Regular pre-fold bamboo nappies (6 pack)

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Regular pre-fold bamboo nappies are perfect for children who have outgrown the infant size. These nappies are more absorbent and softer than our cotton pre-folds, yet also very trim.

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Beautifully soft and absorbent, our regular pre-fold bamboo nappies are perfect for your baby.

Regular pre-fold bamboo nappies

Bamboo makes a great fabric for cloth nappies, it is soft and retains its softness after multiple uses, and more absorbent than cotton nappies. Prefold nappies are flat nappies that have been sewn with a thicker panel through the centre of the nappy, meaning that you don’t have to use complicated folds or pins to use. Regular pre-fold bamboo nappies from Ecobots are simple to use and to care for.

Regular size

These regular-sized prefolds to fit slightly older babies. Use with a medium or large nappy cover. Ideal for both day and night time use. Bamboo nappies are more absorbent than cotton pre-fold nappies and are softer to the touch than most other fabrics. These nappies measure approximately 37 x 53cm when purchased, but they will shrink as they fluff up. Made from a mixture of 55% bamboo and 24% organic cotton. The bamboo gives the nappies their lovely soft texture and high absorbency. The cotton fibres make this nappy harder wearing and more stable. We have found that pure bamboo nappies do not last well. These bamboo prefolds are very hard wearing and a great choice.

Six pack

Our pre-fold bamboo nappies come in a handy six-pack, ideal for boosting the size of your cloth nappy stash or for getting started using cloth nappies.  For full-time use, you will probably need between two and four of our regular  packs. Use as cloth nappies in their own right, with a separate waterproof cover, such as the Ecobots cover, or use as inserts in a pocket nappy or other styles of cloth nappies.