OSFM pre-fold pack

NZD $90.00

Great value all you need OSFM nappy pack. 12 cotton infant prefolds and 12 cotton super prefolds with four OSFM nappy covers.

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Our OSFM pre-fold pack is a great entry level cloth nappy pack, at a great price.

OSFM pre-fold pack

If you’re looking for great value, reliable, OSFM cloth nappies, then look no further than our OSFM pre-fold pack. With our OSFM nappy covers, in a great choice of colours, and our great quality and reliable cotton pre-fold nappies, this really is a great option that won’t break the bank. As with other pre-fold systems, you do not need to change the whole thing at each nappy change, simply change the insert, and only change the cover when you need to.

One size

Our OSFM pre-fold pack comes with covers that will fit from around 4 kg to 18 kg, which means that your baby can wear them from around a month old to toddler age. The rise snaps on the front of the cover mean that you can change the size of the cover to fit your little one easily. The pack comes with two sizes of prefold nappies, infant for the smaller size setting, and super for the larger size setting. You can also use both sizes together for night time use. Unlike many of the cheaper options on the market, these prefold inserts are made from high-quality cotton, which is absorbent, performs well and is unlikely to cause allergy issues.

Great value

Our OSFM pack comes with four covers (in a choice of red, blue, green, purple, black, white and yellow, let us know which colours you would like or we will send a selection) 12 infant pre-fold nappies and 12 super pre-fold nappies. All for less than $100. Great value for money, great quality cloth nappies.

We offer trial packs of these nappies if you want to give them a go before buying a full set. Click here.