Organic reusable menstrual pad – Twill

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Organic reusable menstrual pad. Made from unbleached twill cotton. Available in two sizes. Small approx 20 cm long and medium approx 25 cm long. Stitched side faces up.


Organic reusable menstrual pad in two sizes. Made from unbleached organic cotton twill.

Natural pad

These reusable pads are made with organic twill cotton. The fabric is unbleached and left in its natural state which therefore gives you a natural fibre against your most delicate areas. The pads feature a hidden layer of PUL fabric that will help prevent leaks. You can fasten the pads around your underwear using the plastic snaps on the wings. The fabric is soft and absorbent, without being too bulky. This makes them ideal for every day of your period.

Two sizes

The pads are available in two sizes. The small pad measures approx 20 cm long and the medium pad is approx 25 cm long. The smaller of the two pads is ideal for light to medium flow while the medium pad is better for medium to heavy flow. As the pads are the same colour on both sides, there is stitching on the top of the pad. The pad should be worn with this stitching closest to the skin and the unstitched side against your underwear. Ideally, it is best to use well-fitting underwear when using reusable pads.

Organic reusable menstrual pad

As well as being soft and natural, these pads are easy to care for. They are fully machine washable. However, we would recommend using cold water when washing any bloodstains, as this will prevent them from setting. In addition to these pads, we also stock a range of other reusable menstrual products that you can find here.


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