New Zealand made woollen soaker

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Hand-knit woollen soaker or nappy cover. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, this can be used as a nappy cover, ideal for overnights or day wear. Hand-made in New Zealand.

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Hand-knit woollen soaker

Made from 100% pure wool, this rainbow woollen soaker, or woollen nappy cover is the perfect night-time nappy cover.  Soft and breathable, when it comes to reliability you can’t really go past a woollen nappy cover.  Hand-knit from the ultimate longies pattern, this cover is ideal for use over nappies that require a cover, such as fitted nappies, flat nappies and prefold nappies.

Extra large size

This New Zealand made woollen soaker is an extra-large size, please check your little one’s measurements to ensure the right fit.  The cover is to fit approximately a 45cm waist, 58cm around the bum and a 51cm rise (this is the distance from the waist to the same point on the back, measured between the legs). This cover is ideal for night-time use. May parents find that wool is the only cover that guarantees a dry night.

This cover is handwash only. Although wool does not need to be washed often unless soiled, and you should wash every few months. When washing we recommend you treat with lanolin.  The cover is currently not treated with lanolin but can be lanolised prior to sending on request. Lanolin helps to enhance the wools natural properties and ensures that it won’t leak.

NZ made woollen soaker

Hand knitted in New Zealand from 100% pure wool, which makes this a soft and comfortable woollen nappy cover. We stock a small range of New Zealand made nappies. You can find these here. It is possible to get these covers made in other sizes. From time to time we may have more in stock, although we do not regularly restock this item, due to the length of time taking to make it. The wool used to make this cover is New Zealand wool that has been hand-dyed here as well.

A natural cover

Wool makes a great nappy cover as it is natural and breathable. It works by absorbing some of the moisture from the nappy and allowing it to evaporate. This means that it helps to create a constant body temperature and your baby isn’t left with a cold wet nappy against their skin. It is this which makes it so reliable as a nappy cover and ideal for night time use.