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Looking at using a cloth nappy that doesn’t have a built in water proof layer, but not wanting your little one to end up with a soggy bottom? Then you need a nappy cover.

nappy covers

Our nappy covers have been tried and tested by thousands of parents over the last twenty years or so. Designed to wrap around your little ones nappy, allowing air to circulate and keep your little one comfortable, yet not let wetness leak out, these nappy covers are one of the most reliable ones on the market. Made for PUL fabric, which is a laminated polyester fabric. This helps keep liquid in the nappy and off your little ones clothes (and off you when you’re holding them of course).

Double gussets

One of the great features of this nappy cover is its double gussets at the legs, these are extra pieces of fabric that help to grip the leg area and give extra protection in this area. These are particularly helpful if your little one has explosive motions or you have a wriggly toddler. Combined with the elasticated back of the cover and firm hook and loop (similar to velcro) fastening at the waist, the covers are a really reliable choice for your little one.

Every day reliability

These nappy covers are a good, reliable, every day choice. In classic white, so that they go with everything and won’t show through clothing, these covers work really well over pre-fold nappies, flat nappies (either pad folded or fastened with a snappi) or fitted nappies that need a cover.


Prorap nappy covers do not have laundry tabs, the little pieces of extra velcro stitched into the inside of the nappy to attach tabs to while washing. This means that there are no scratchy bits to irritate your baby’s delicate skin, and if you fasten the nappy closed when washing and turn inside out you won’t end up with a string of nappies where the hook and loop has fastened to everything when you take it out of the washing machine. The newborn and premature sizes also come with an elasticated ‘notch’ at the waist so that the cover doesn’t rub and irritate the umbilical stump.

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