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Long sleeved bibs

Long-sleeved bib ideal for children who are learning to feed themselves. The bib is particularly good for baby-led weaning.

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Long sleeved bibs

Our long sleeved bibs are ideal for protecting your little ones clothes from all kinds of mess. Covering both the front of your babies clothing, and their sleeves, these long sleeved bibs help protect the whole of the top part of their clothing, not just the front.  Stop ruining sleeves and cuffs of your favourite outfits with these bibs.

For babies just starting out with solid food

To fit from around 6 months to 18 months, the age when babies start getting their first tastes of food a key time for messy eating.  No need to worry about food going everywhere, as our long sleeved bibs will protect their clothing.  Great for babies who are learning to feed themselves, particularly if doing baby led weaning.  Size; length 39 cm, width 34 am and sleeve length 22 cm.

Quick drying and easy clean

Made from waterproof polyester fabric, these bibs rinse clean and dry quickly between use.  Wipe clean between use, or due to the nature of the fabric, they will dry fast after washing.  Unlike some other bibs on the market, these bibs do not have an absorbent front panel, so cleaning them is a quick and easy job, and you will only need a couple for full time use.

Ideal for baby led weaning

These long sleeved bibs are fantastic for baby led weaning, babies who are learning to feed themselves are more likely to be messy in the early stages.  Also great for art and craft, helping to protect your little ones clothes as they start to experiment with paint, glue and colouring pens.


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