Dinky minky pocket nappy

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The Dinky pocket nappy with a soft minky outer fabric, all the great features you’ve come to love from the Dinky nappy, but made out of Minky fabric.

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The dinky minky pocket nappy, the one size fits most cloth nappy that’s a little different.

Minky fabric pocket nappy

Packed with the same great features that our dinky pocket nappy has, but made from super soft minky fabric, in a great range of colours.  Our minky fabric is super fluffy, long pile minky, cuddly and soft.

Designed right here in New Zealand with a great range of features to make the dinky minky pocket nappy a simple to use, easy to care for, reliable cloth nappy.

One size fits most

At first glance the dinky minky pocket nappy looks similar to  many one size fits most (OSFM) nappies on the market, with sizing snaps on the front to change the length (also called the rise) of the nappy, but the dinky minky pocket nappy also has sizing snaps on the back of the nappy. These snaps narrow the nappy’s crotch and bottom, so on small babies, it’s not too wide, and this helps to reduce leg gape and make the whole nappy trimmer.  This means that it will fit for a longer range of sizes, and you won’t need to buy lots of different sized nappies, saving you money.

No leaks

OSFM style cloth nappies can sometimes be quite large around the legs in the smaller size settings. But the dinky minky pocket nappy is different, it has deep wide leg gussets, that help to form a better seal, and keep everything in, even on tiny newborn legs.  These deep leg gussets also mean that you can boost the pocket with extra inserts, without pushing the nappy away from the leg creating gaps, making it ideal for use as a night nappy when your baby needs more boosting to last longer overnight.

At the waist, double snaps help to give a nice snug fit, and with the crossover tabs, it will fit even newborn babies well.

Thick and thirsty insert

Our reusable nappies come with a flat insert each, made of two layers, one microfibre and the other bamboo. These two fabrics work well together, due to their different properties; microfibre absorbs liquid quickly but used alone can act like a sponge when squeezed. Bamboo is different, it takes a little longer to absorb the liquid, but holds on to it much better when it has.  Known as a ‘trifold’ as you fold it in three, many people have commented that our inserts are one of the best that they’ve tried, and last for a long time between changes.

Pocket Nappy

Our large pocket makes stuffing the dinky nappy easy, the nice big opening means plenty of room to get your hand right in, and when used you can just shake the insert out into the nappy bucket, rather than having to reach in and pull it out.  A pocket nappy, like our dinky docket nappy does not need a separate nappy cover, once stuffed you can put it on your baby as you would a disposable.

Available in a choice of 6 different colours, red, green, blue, orange, white and yellow.


The dinky pocket nappy features.

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Red, blue, green, white, orange, burgundy, brown, pink, purple, yellow