Cloth nappy sprayer

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Make washing dirty nappies easy with our cloth nappy sprayer.

Hand held cloth nappy sprayer

Our hand held cloth nappy sprayer is the easy way to remove solid waste from cloth nappies and rinse nappies before washing.  Simply use the spray head to remove solids from the nappy and spray into the toilet bowl.  The hand held sprayer attaches to your cold water supply on the toilet, allowing you to quickly and easily remove solid waste. This reduces the need for nappy liners and helps you to get your nappies clean.

Easy to install

The cloth nappy sprayer is easy to install and each package comes with a t-adaptor to attach to the water supply, a flexible hose, a hand held spray head and bracket to hold the nappy sprayer. The bracket sits on the edge of your toilet cistern, without the need for screws or other permanent attachments.  The t-adaptor allows you to regulate or turn off the water supply when not using the cloth nappy sprayer for a long period of time.  The spray head is operated with a push button, giving a blast of water which will help to remove any solid waste and rinse the cloth nappy.

Saves water

Cloth nappy sprayers are designed to remove solid waste with short, sharp blasts of water.  This uses far less water than other methods of solid removal, such as holding the nappy in the toilet and flushing. Using a cloth nappy sprayer means that you also do not need to touch the poo or scrape it off yourself.