Basic reusable menstrual pack

NZD $19.00

Basic reusable menstrual pack has all you need to get started with washable menstrual products. Four cloth pads and a menstrual cup. Choose from large or small.


Reusable menstrual pack with four washable pads and a menstrual cup.

Reusable menstrual pack

Looking to make the switch to washable menstrual products? Then our basic pack offers great value for money. Containing one of our Nappyneedz menstrual cups, in a choice of small or large and four pads. The washable pads are backed with waterproof PUL fabric to help prevent leaks. They have an absorbent core of microfibre and are topped with soft microfleece. Easy to take care of and reliable, these pads are a great way to give washable pads a try. The pads can be used as a back up to the menstrual cup or for later in your period when you need less protection.

Choice of sizes

Our menstrual cups come in two sizes. The larger cup is designed for women who have either been pregnant or those who are over thirty. The smaller cup is for younger women who have not had children. Some women may find that they need a smaller cup even though they have had children or are over 30. If you have strong pelvic floor muscles or light periods, then you may wish to try a small cup. We also have a size zero cup for teenagers and young women. If you need this, then check out our teen pack.

Great Value

This pack is a great value option, offering all you need to get you started with reusable menstrual products. Our menstrual cup comes in a choice of purple, pink and clear. If you have a preference, please let us know in the comments or we will send a random selection. All of these products are available individually should you wish to add to your collection later.

Cup size

Small, Large