Bamboo reusable menstrual pack

NZD $26.00

Great value reusable menstrual pack. Available in a choice of small or medium menstrual cup. Comes with five of our regular bamboo menstrual pads.


Bamboo reusable menstrual pack. Contains five bamboo washable pads and a menstrual cup.

Bamboo reusable menstrual pack

This great value pack contains five of our popular bamboo and minky regular pads. These pads are backed with brightly coloured laminated minky fabric. This fabric is waterproof and stops the pads from leaking. They have bamboo fleece and microfibre in the core. These fabrics are very absorbent. The top of the pad is dark grey microfleece which is soft against the skin and has a stay-dry effect so that the pad doesn’t feel wet against the skin. The pack also contains one of our nappyneedz menstrual cups.

All you need

If you are looking to make the switch to reusables, then this pack has all you need. The five pads are great as back up to the cup, on heavier days. You can also use them on their own, particularly towards the end of your period. The pads are very reliable, so some people like to use pads at some points and the cup at others. Whichever you prefer, this pack gives you lots of options.

Two sizes

Our menstrual cups are available in a choice of large and small. The large cup is for women over 30 or those who have been pregnant. The small is for women under 30 who haven’t had children. We also have a smaller cup for teens and younger women. Our cups come in pink, purple or white. If you have a preference please let us know, or a random colour will be sent out.

Cup size

Small, Large