9 plug socket covers

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9 plug socket covers. Stop your little one from sticking their fingers in power points. Keep your little one safe around plug sockets.

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Small children are very inquisitive, and although this is usually great, it can sometimes cause real problems.  Plug sockets might look like an interesting or fun place for a small child to push a finger into or shove something small into.  Help keep your little one safe with our plug socket covers.

Safety covers

Our pack of 9 covers are made of plastic. With three pins to fit standard New Zealand power outlets and prevent your little one from inuring themselves by putting their fingers or other small objects into the plug socket.  These guards are designed to block the three holes found in standard plug socket outlets found in most homes.  Children are then unable to place anything else into the holes. Helping to prevent themselves getting into dangerous situations. Hard for children to remove but easy for adults to take out when needed.

Pack of 9 plug socket covers

This pack includes nine power outlet covers which most people will find to be plenty to protect the accessible sockets in their home.  The covers have a smooth white cap which will be hard for small children to remove or fiddle with. They should be easy for you to remove when you want to use the power socket.

As with all safety products, these plug socket covers do not take the place of proper supervision and small children should not be left unattended when they can reach power outlets or other dangerous things. This item is intended for extra peace of mind and to be used alongside proper supervision.

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