5 internal drawer locks

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Pack of five internal drawer locks. These locks can be used to prevent children from opening drawers and cupboards, keeping them away from things that they should not touch.

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Internal drawer locks. Stop small children from getting into draws and cupboards.

Ideal for kitchen cupboards

These locks are ideal for stopping small children from getting into kitchen cupboards and drawers.  Made up of two pieces.  The smaller catch attaches to the cabinet, while the hook attaches to the drawer itself or the cupboard door.  When the door is closed the hook catches onto the latch and prevents the drawer or cupboard door from being opened more than a few centimetres.

Internal drawer locks

These locks sit inside the drawer or cupboard so that you cannot see them from outside.  When in use the drawer or cupboard can be opened just enough for an adult to use a finger to disengage the lock and open the door. But they will prevent small children from opening the drawer or cupboard.  When not in use, the hook can be folded back and fastened out of the way.

Pack of five

Our internal drawer locks come as a pack of five. This means that you have enough to protect five drawers or cupboards in your kitchen or bathroom.  Keep children out of sharp objects, chemicals, plastic bags and other dangerous items that we keep in our kitchens or bathrooms.

As with all safety products, these internal drawer locks are designed to be used alongside proper adult supervision, rather than take the place of adult supervision. We have other safety products here and here.


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